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21 Oct 2022

Enterprises around the world are finding success with business solutions that are powered by the Cloud. They're redefining the way they operate by using scalable and secure cloud-enabled enterprise applications. In fact, 90% of Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Azure to drive their business. Gartner Says More Than Half of Enterprise IT Spending in Key Market Segments Will Shift to the Cloud by 2025.

Azure's deeply-integrated cloud services make it easy for enterprises to rapidly build, deploy, and manage simple to complex applications. Azure is versatile, supporting a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, databases, and devices. This allows enterprises to use the tools and technologies they know and trust.

Cloud computing is cost efficient, promotes collaboration, aids disaster recovery, increases mobility and provides flexibility for businesses. If you are planning to migrate your virtualized workload to the cloud, then it is crucial to choose a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) that can best match your business, operational, security and compliance needs.

There are several reasons why enterprises are entrusting their business data and applications with Microsoft Azure cloud storage. What makes Azure a preferred choice among businesses? Here are a few reasons-

IaaS, SaaS and PaaS capabilities

Azure has a compelling mix of IaaS, SaaS and PaaS services. IaaS lets enterprises outsource their infrastructure to Azure and pay for only what they use, while PaaS allows them to create their own web apps and solutions without having to purchase and maintain the underlying infrastructure. The Microsoft partner community offers a number of top Azure consultants who can help enterprises leverage Azure PaaS and IaaS to build enterprise apps on the cloud. This can help businesses grow more quickly and efficiently.


The Azure platform has been designed with the industry-leading Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) process in mind. This process focuses on security, ensuring that private data and services stay safe and secure on Azure. Microsoft Azure offers the best compliance coverage of any cloud platform, with over 50 compliance offerings. It is also the most trusted cloud platform by U.S. government institutions. Furthermore, Microsoft Azure is the first platform to embrace the new international standard for Cloud privacy, ISO 27018. Consequently, Microsoft guarantees the best possible security for all operations and data on Microsoft Azure cloud.


Scalability is an important quality to look for in a cloud service provider, and Azure definitely delivers in this area. Its flexible structure makes it easy to scale up data storage capabilities as needed. Plus, its performance-efficient storage services make it perfect for businesses that need to integrate data and processes at cloud scale. And if you're looking to develop, test and launch new web applications, Azure's machine learning functionality, cognitive services, data processing capabilities and Internet of Things (IoT) support will come in handy.

Hybrid Capabilities

Azure's hybrid capabilities are unrivalled. Azure makes it easy to move between on premise and public Cloud, and provides a reliable consistent platform. Azure also has a range of hybrid connections - including virtual private networks (VPNs), caches, content delivery networks (CDNs), and ExpressRoute connections - in order to improve usability and performance.

Analytics and Intelligence

One of the most exciting things about Azure is that it comes with many different services and features. Azure offers Machine Learning, Bots, Cognitive APIs, and Blockchain capabilities. With Azure, you can easily create SQL and NoSQL data services. You can also use Azure to uncover key insights from your data in order to improve your business processes and decision making.

Cost Effective

Microsoft offers a pay-as-you-go model that lets you allocate resources for your company to build or expand using Azure services. By doing so, you'll be able to manage your IT administration costs with Microsoft handling the hard stuff on Azure. In addition, Microsoft is the cloud provider of choice for 42 regions around the world and supports datacentres easily.

Identity & Access Management 

Azure lets you take control of your identity management with Azure Active Directory, giving you the ability to restrict access to say, only certain employees who need to see certain things. With Azure, businesses can adopt mature identifier management capabilities in order to reduce the cost of managing identities and become more responsive.

Other cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform offer similar capabilities as Microsoft Azure. However, Microsoft Azure is evidently scored higher in the market place due to the company's launch of new components at a rapid pace. CIGNEX is a preferred Microsoft Azure cloud partner helping enterprises build scalable & secure cloud native applications by taking full advantage of Azure platform.

If you are planning to migrate on cloud services, we're here to help you get the most out of your cloud. We offer a variety of pre-packaged engagements to make it easy for you to adopt this tech.