Using hashtags to configure Twitter portlet on Liferay

Social media on web portals have become a mainstay in today's world. Companies are making great effort to engage the visitors to their web sites or portals to see their popularity on the various Social Media tools. One such common feature has been the Twitter portlet. The current Twitter portlet in Liferay supports Twitter feeds. Another concept in Twitter world is that of hashtags, which are a powerful tool that allows Twitter users to track what many people (especially people whom you aren’t...

Farida , August 07, 2012 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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Roundup from X.commerce Innovate Developer Conference 12-13 Oct 2011

The Innovate developer conference 2011 was held in San Francisco on 12 and 13th Oct 2011. Team CIGNEX Datamatics was there in full force to interact with the attendees and participate in the latest Ecommerce conversations. We were also spotlighted for working with EBay Inc. in bringing forth the extreme makeover of Soccer PRO, a small retail store in Redwood city, CA. Over the past month we have collaborated with EBay team to bring SoccerPRO’s retail business online using Magento. Our work also...

Farida , August 07, 2012 | Posted in e-Commerce

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Replicating Content between geographically distributed servers using Alfresco Share 3.4

Alfresco Share 3.4 has come up with Content Replication Feature between two alfresco instances. By Using Content replication, it will help to manage geographically distributed alfresco deployments where we used to face performance issue because of network latency or bandwidth limitations during peak time. In Alfresco, A Replication job contains following parameters.  Space/Content(s) to be replicated Start day and time of the job Regular Scheduling Parameters...

Snehal Shah, June 11, 2011 | Posted in Enterprise Content Management

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An Integrated Content Management Portal based on Alfresco & Liferay

An Integrated Content Management Portal There are many benefits of having a comprehensive ICMP - Integrated Content Management Portal, which can manage content throughout its life cycle, eliminate duplication, and increase content accuracy thus can lead to enhanced productivity of business users and developers & increased business benefits. Alfresco – as an ECM system & Liferay – as a Portal system can deliver a comprehensive ICMP. Alfresco WCM has capabilities to manage, preview...

Jayesh Prajapati, March 28, 2011 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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