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Client Overview

United Kingdom; the largest hotelier in the world 693,072  number of rooms with 4732 hotels across 11 brands

Business Need

A sales portal to drive revenue from meeting space around the world from 1 central site

Key Features

Contextual sales portal  that leverages  gamification for program participation and use

  • Access to all sales content & tools
  • Dynamic proposal generator
  • Reports on trends  with Q&A
  • Measure effectiveness & usage of meeting content
  • Incentive based rewards


  • Increase in average meeting space bookings leading to category revenue growth
  • Improved collaboration, quality and timeliness of data

I've never seen in the 15 years that I've been with IHG, a more dedicated/ committed/high quality staff of consultants. I am thankful every day for each of the awesome resources I've been assigned to work with