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Client Overview

A global technology company at the forefront of technological revolutions in imaging, robotics, precision machinery and electronics headquartered in Long Beach, California

Business Need

  • Provide consistent and latest product and company information to:
    • Sales reps
    • Distributors
    • Internal staff
  • Dynamic content on Website
  • Reduce licensing and maintenance costs


  • Distributor extranet
  • Online product catalog, price sheets, and premium content
  • Full text and parametric search
  • Surveys and email campaigns
  • Supports 6000 active sales reps
  • Latest product maps available to sales reps and customers


  • Saved more than $1 million over 2 years
    • Reduced CRM costs
    • Reduced cost of content management
  • Efficient, consistent, and latest product updates

“Today, open source shines in certain applications spaces, while package-ware may be the choice elsewhere; however it is important that the "blend" gives us the ability to run a business reliably, securely, at the optimum cost of ownership. CIGNEX helps you make and implement the right choice for your technology infrastructure.” Roy DaSilva - Executive Director