Client Overview

UK-based global provider of risk management, insurance, reinsurance brokerage, human resource solutions and outsourcing services

Business Need

  • Establish enterprise data architecture involving multiple disparate systems
  • Data integration from unstructured data sources such as “click streams”, “ad server data”, “social media”, “web logs”, “customer feedback”, documents and forms
  • Provide a cost effective, high performance DW/BI solution architecture


  • Detailed data discovery to ensure that the data sourced is meaningful & adds value
  • Integrating Talend ETL for flexibility & agility
  • Definition/Execution of roadmap to ensure SUCCESS of the data warehouse including data validation

Key Benefits

  • Data warehouse facilitating customer targeting, lead generation, campaign performance, customer profiling, site performance & intelligent content recommendation
  • Increased ROI on campaigns due to targeted customer  segmentation based on Products/ Vertical/ Industry
  • 40% cost savings through Open Source ETL solution (Talend)