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Client Overview:

Silicon Valley based startup offering SaaS based Big Data Analytics services for sales and marketing teams to improve target marketing campaigns and services.

Business Need:

Implement a very unique and innovative Big Data Analytics solution that acquire process and enrich multi-channel & variety of data sources at the modern volume for effective customer and business Intelligence.

Key Features:

  • Data acquisition & Integration
    • Aggregate publicly available data from 20+ different sources such as discussion boards, business social networks, and other public sites in various types such as gzip-compressed JSON files, MySQL databases, REST-API based data sources and more.
  • Data Processing
    • Enrich data by applying NLP (Natural Language Processing) for entity extraction & building semantic associations, geo-coding besides de-duplication and smart filtering.
    • Store enriched, semantically linked 7TB+ of data volume into MongoDB
  • Data Visualization
    • Modern & innovative web front-end and offers business and customer intelligence with gorgeous visualizations for deep data exploration and intuitive full text search/data mining.
  • Subscription Management
    • Payment gateway integration, user profile management and notifications
  • Managed Cloud Hosting
    • Optimized for high performance and scalability


SaaS based large scale data processing and analytics platform delivers:

  • Proposes competitive & complementary selling opportunities
  • Determine buying propensity, influencers & decision makers
  • Enhances efficacy of customer acquisition by ~10x
  • Improve operational efficiency for sales and marketing team by ~5x
  • Reduced cost of operations by ~2x