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Client Overview:

California’s largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance, and a vital asset to California businesses established in 1914 by the state legislature with 130,000 policyholders and $20 billion in assets.

Business Need:

Implement a very unique and innovative Big Data Analytics solution that acquire process and enrich multi-channel & variety of data sources at the modern volume for effective customer and business Intelligence.To replace the existing third party incident management system by ServiceNow

  • Automate the process of creating external incidents by integrating Liferay Portal & ServiceNow
  • Track tickets raised in ServiceNow from existing Liferay Portal

Key Features:

  • Automated workflow to manage External Incidents
  • Liferay & ServiceNow Integration
  • Incidents created in Liferay and updated in ServiceNow
  • Track Internal & External Incidents from existing Liferay Portal
  • Workflow created & managed in ServiceNow
  • Ticket approval via web & mobile
  • Integrated with Outlook & other email clients
  • New database for storing updates from ServiceNow
  • Reports generation for all tickets raised


SaaS based large scale data processing and analytics platform delivers:

  • Process automation leading to reduction in time & cost
  • Real-time incident tracking & management of external & internal tickets
  • Reporting in presentable format