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Client Overview

The Payment Innovation Platform providing solutions for payment cards, virtual cards, and mobile authorization products for the world's leading commerce innovators including leading financial services, e-commerce, retail, and social media brands.

Business Need

  • Consolidate data into a single Data Lake based customer view
  • Automation of customer on-boarding

Key Features

  • Perform events based processing in Near-Real Time (NRT) for AML, KYC and OFAC
  • Aggregated NRT dashboard for Anomalies visualization in near real time
  • Bespoke NRT Replication built by Elevondata using Talend for delta loads
  • Data Lake for all “Programs” (B2B Client data stores) for Data Sciences
  • NRT delivery of analytics, and consolidated anomaly monitoring dashboards
  • Ingest 4 MySQL instances from Rackspace into AWS Redshift


  • Speed to Value
    • Pilot Go-live in 90 days
  • Innovation
    • Deliver compliance reports to funds issuing/processing Bank and the B2B Clients
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
    • Zero additional resources to deploy & manage Elevondata Solution
    • Annual subscription cost dramatically lower than any other solution client considered (low infrastructure + platform cost)