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Client Overview

Diversified leader in healthcare staffing services offering comprehensive suite of staffing and outsourcing services
Varied Client base that includes 4500 hospitals, pharmaceuticals & other healthcare companies across all 50 states of USA

Business Need

An automated recruitment and staffing system to improve operational efficiency, productivity and accuracy at lower TCO

Key Features

  • Migration from proprietary DM (Imscan) to Alfresco ECM
  • Customized workflow with audit trail and parallel review features
  • Improved security  with SSO through LDAP authentication


  • Flexible automated system with integrated scanning & workflow leading to increased efficiency and accuracy
    • 700+ workflows/day managed by recruiter
    • Handling of over 2 million documents on more than 50,000 folders, and support for 280+ document types
  • Over 70% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with Open Source adoption and eliminating vendor lock-in