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Client Overview

Founded in 1979, a multinational  IT infrastructure, mainframe and cloud focused products and software services company with revenue over 4 billion, 13,000 employees , 300,000+ community members in 45 countries

Business Need

The client's corporate community department, for the past 30 years, had been supporting various communities worldwide. The communities have existed in the form of Product forums, Partner portals, Support website, Techweb and various other forms. Since these community programs were introduced at different times, due to which these programs were hosted on different application frameworks and were managed by different owners. Client wanted to build standardized portal platform to address business challanges such as

  • Lack of collaboration amongst the members due to disparate systems
  • Inconsistent look-and-feel
  • Multiple user profiles and Overlapping functionality
  • High maintenance costs and administration overheads


On understanding the client's business challenges and requirements, CIGNEX recommended the adoption of Liferay Portal solution. Key features of the community portal include:

  • Unified User Experience through integration of Liferay with Sitecore
  • Feature rich collaborative portal with personalization and web 2.0 features
  • Integration with – Ideation
  • Ease of portal administration
  • SSO enabled for 500,000+ LDAP users

Key Benefits

  • Scalable community portal with a rich user experience with a single login for the user
  • Ideation architecture enabled in engaging with customers through social channels
  • Over 70% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)