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Client Overview

Consortium of 18 California counties providing health & human care services for citizens; Services include cash aid, food, nutrition assistance and medical aid

Business Need

Transform the way the citizen correspondences are stored, managed, indexed, retrieved and archived

  • Modernize legacy ECM system with faster search and retrieval
  • Migrate existing documents to scalable and centralize document repository

Key Features

  • Scalable Repository – Alfresco based 60 TB repository managing billions of objects 
  • Search- Custom SolrCloud Integration with multiple repositories for faster search
  • Templates – Versions of correspondence templates for citizens


  • Improved QoS by 70% -  System performance increased with document ingestion rate of 200K / hour & faster search
  • Repository designed for horizontal scaling – to scale for billion objects
  • Modular approach helps to replace or add new components

We are extremely impressed with the skills and commitment of Parth. In fact what amazes us is that he is almost always available 24X7