Business Need

The client's research and analytics division of the Finance & Securities group publishes around 8,000 reports for US, Europe, and Asia. The client currently uses a combination of manual and semi-automated document management workflow to publish financial, research and intra-day reports to their customers in English and Japanese. Client identified that an automated document and record management can address their current challenges such as communication overhead within the division & with the legal team, difficult document retrieval, increased report publishing time and more.


On understanding the client's business challenges and requirements, CIGNEX Datamatics recommended the adoption of Alfresco ECM (Enterprise Content Management). Key features of the Alfresco ECM include:

  • A standardized work-flow involving 6 steps -create, edit, supervisor review, legal, approval, publish, translate - for all users, thereby reducing compliance risks
  • Integration with Single sign on for employees - eliminating the need for separate credentials management
  • Seamless integration with all in-house applications developed on MS .Net technologies, analytics, authoring, coverage, distribution, and MIS
  • PDF conversion
  • Advanced search using custom metadata and workflow specific conditions
  • Users belong to specific groups can switch their roles to speed up the report publishing

Key Benefits

The Alfresco based document and records management helped the client achieve the following benefits:

  • Automated, reliable and fully functional ECM live within a 6 month time frame
  • Robust report publishing system reducing the time to publish reports by up to 70%
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the CIGNEX Datamatics proposed Alfresco document and records management solution was over 70% lower than the solutions proposed by other potential partners
  • Eliminated vendor lock-in & license cost by adopting an Open Source