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Client Overview

The largest hotelier in the world 693,072 number of rooms with 4732 hotels across 11 brands

Business Need

To automate scheduling, tracking and reporting of safety requirements, preventive maintenance, guest requests, equipment management, capital expenditure and property improvement

Techno Functional Drivers

  • Efficient & Effective Property Maintenance Activities
  • Enabling an inspection environment that can be used to make reporting and recording more effective and convenient

Key Features

  • Single Salesforce Application enabling operations team to track hotel action items & key performance indicators for running business effectively
  • Unified system bringing together customer administrative staff and all franchise owners
  • Solution enabled on both Web & Mobile interfaces
  • Centralized single login to multiple properties with multi-property availability dashboard
  • Centralized reporting


  • Faster customer response
  • Easy account management & case escalation process
  • Easier ticketing and issue tracking