Guiding Principles

The guiding principles at CIGNEX Datamatics are directed towards achieving the company's foremost goal of total satisfaction for all stakeholders - clients, partners, employees and shareholders. The CIGNEX Datamatics team has committed itself to the following core values and upholds them as guiding lights in all of our endeavours.


We believe that every disciplined effort has multiple rewards.

Commitment to the client

Measure your success as a derivative of client satisfaction of the customer. Always keep your commitments to the client.

Mutual trust

Build all relationships on the foundation of honesty, mutual trust, and respect. Uphold the dignity of the individual.

Strive for excellence

Endeavour to continuously improve those skills and knowledge that contribute directly or indirectly to your client's competitive advantage.

Social responsibility

Believe in the social commitment of businesses and uphold it by demonstrating respect for ethical values, legal compliance, people, communities, and the environment.


"Culture is the pervasive philosophy, central values, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours, norms and practices of an organization, and the micro elements that make things happen."

The fabric of the CIGNEX Datamatics organization is a blend of many fibers that combine to create the unique company that we are.

Get more by giving more

Everyone at CIGNEX Datamatics invests time in developing self and the team through, knowledge sharing and training.  We believe in continuously learning and applying our experience to benefit the Open Source community, our clients, ourselves, and our company.

Teamwork and trust

At CIGNEX Datamatics, the spirit of teamwork is an integral part of our company culture, and we practice it with immense conviction. This not only creates a cohesive work atmosphere for the company, but more importantly, it positions CIGNEX Datamatics to take care of clients interactions more efficiently. This goal hinges on our policy of open communication, which fosters a climate of incredible trust.

Work hard and play hard

The work environment at CIGNEX Datamatics is a blend of very hard work and good clean fun. We like to offset the stress associated with the demands of delivering innovative and challenging Open Source solutions by making sure that everyone can take part in fun activities throughout the work week.


At CIGNEX Datamatics we believe that each individual has unique ideas that could prove invaluable to somebody. Therefore, we welcome all ideas that come our way.