Automasi is an efficient and user friendly Test Automation Framework to automate testing of web applications. This framework combines libraries (Selenium server, Reporting framework, Data driven, Email configuration, etc.) and data sources (SVN repository, Excel, etc.) to create reusable test modules. Built using Selenium, this modular and data-driven framework supports schedulable test execution on multiple browsers and generates test reports. Acting as a base framework for test automation, it simplifies web application testing efforts.


  • Hybrid framework with data and modular driven test support
  • Automated test suite creation and Bugzilla ticket logging for failed tests
  • Compatible with HUDSON/Jenkins to schedule test suite execution
  • Screenshot capturing for passed and failed tests
  • Detailed reports on test case, status (pass/fail) and execution time
  • Result distribution through email to specified stakeholders
  • Supports testing on multiple browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.)



  • High quality application releases through faster and reliable testing
  • Easy to maintain scripts with versioning and revision control


  • Higher productivity with reduced learning curve for skilled resources
  • Reusability of test cases eliminates duplicate work
  • Increases efficiency and eliminates personal monitoring using test scheduler

Platform: Java JDK 1.6+, Eclipse IDE, Apache Ant

Type: Component

Other Requirements:Browsers for testing (pre-installed)