BIGArchive™ is an enterprise scale archival solution that enables organizations to manage and curate their long-term storage requirements in the form of documents, emails, log files, web feeds, images, and videos


  • Scalable distributed storage for document, digital assets and metadata
  • Capable of storing massive binary collections
  • Automatic content and metadata extraction and indexing
  • Full text search capabilities
  • REST based API for CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) operations
Documents provided with the component:
  • Product Guide (including):User Guide, Technical Details, Installation and Release Notes


  • Extendable Open Source archival solution designed to accomplish long term storage needs
  • Fast and efficient search of content by name, keywords or even complete text
  • Cost effective – removes the dependency on huge storage devices
  • Enterprise can easily integrate BIGArchive with front-end portal or CMS solution of their choice

Platforms: Liferay, MongoDB 2.2

Type: Framework

Integrations:Solr 3.5, Jersey 1.14, Netty 3.5.75