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Date: July 19, 2016 10 AM PDT | 10:30 PM IST

Contracts are crucial part for startups, enterprises and government agencies. They are curtain raiser for long lasting relationship with employees, vendors, and customers. Ill-treated processes around these contracts can affect company’s bottom line as well as reputation.

Today, contract management software becomes an integral part of IT strategy to streamline the document & business processes related to contracts. Contract Management Software can help to reduce human error, increase efficiency and reduce contract & business risks.

Join CIGNEX for the webinar, as we share experience of implementation of OCM™ - Contract Lifecycle Management Solution based on Alfresco – Open Source Technology Platform. The solution covers the complete lifecycle of the contract process—capture, authorization, negotiation, approval, execution, analysis, renewals, audit and amendment.

The webinar will include a live product demonstration with emphasis on below features and 6 more:

·         Complete Contract Life Cycle – From Creation to Expiration

·         Compliance & Governance  –  Integrated Contract Review & Approval process

·         Tracking of Contracts  – Real-time updates on dashboard & version control