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When: October 24, 2019 | 10:00 AM PST

Are you processing your data by running big batch jobs i.e. dumping the CSV files out of the databases and then processing the log files at the end of the day? Have you thought - why not react to the data in real time as soon as it arrives rather than waiting till the end of the day.

With Confluent you can explore the emerging world of stream processing. It helps you capture the data in a streaming fashion and process it real-time, enabling you to run your business in real-time.

Join Confluent & CIGNEX for a webinar, where we showcase how you can transform your current ETL batch processing with Confluent. During the webinar, we will talk about

  • The journey of ETL transformation by Confluent
  • Use Cases – Where and how Confluent can help you evolve your batch ETL processes to near real-time streaming ETL
  • Case Study – Showcasing the Live Implementation where ETL tools were replaced by Confluent
  • Business need for Stream processing
  • Challenges faced during the implementation
  • Key Features of the implementation
  • Benefits achieved with the transformation
  • Live Data Streaming Architecture
  • Business benefits witnessed by moving from ETL to stream processing

Duration: Webinar - 45 minutes | Q&A – 15 minutes


Todd McGrath, Lead Solution Architect, Confluent

Rajesh Rathod, Project Manager & Practice Head, CIGNEX

Divya Jain, Lead Consultant, CIGNEX