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Demo of Alexa Voice integration with Drupal

When & Where Time: Thursday, April 15 | 16:55 to 17:10 UTC
Room: Hopin - Room 1

Alexa is becoming an important device for homes. Apart from the regular uses for Alexa, Businesses can now use the many features of Alexa to Integrate into their Drupal framework. Once integrated, one can run any kind of Application to deliver interactive Voice-enabled content to the Users.

Familiar Use Cases for Business is – providing Information, helping to fulfill a workflow, assisting in a two-way dialogue to reach an end goal, showcasing interesting Graphics, Videos, and Maps to the Customers. And many other features that will keep the Customer longer time on the Website.

Alexa now has APIs for many common integrations. Therefore a lot of content and interaction that you would do in a browser, can now be made available through Interactive Voice Collaboration.

The Alexa enabled Drupal Demo will showcase how a thin client framework can harness the backend systems to deliver a collaborative experience to the Users. There may be also monetizing opportunities, which will be showcased in brief during the Demo.

Presenters: Srinivas Tadeparti

Srini is a seasoned IT Professional with 30+ years of experience in the IT Services Industry. Having worked with leading global IT services organizations, he has been leading several aspects of business which include providing IT Consulting and Services to global multinational companies in Automotive, Airlines, Retail and Pharmaceutical space