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A Case Study: Faster and Relevant Sales & Marketing Intelligence with MongoDB Performance Optimization

When: Wednesday, April 6, 2016 | 10:00 A.M - 11:00 A.M  PST

Join us for 40 minutes session showcasing real-world case study on very unique and innovative Big Data Analytics solution which CIGNEX, for one of its esteemed clients in Silicon Valley has architected, implemented and delivered for effective lead generation for data-driven sales, marketing and business development teams using MongoDB.

The solution covers following features to parse more than a billion objects to generate the cleansed and filtered dataset which is used by the front end enterprise applications delivering sales and marketing intelligence.

  1. Data acquisition & integration from 20+ difference sources (Volume, Variety)
  2. Processing 7TB+ data with NLP (Natural Language Processing) for entity extraction & building semantic associations, geo-coding besides de-duplication and smart filtering.
  3. Storage of enriched, semantically linked data into MongoDB, which  is very apt for performing effective mining from the front-end applications, thereby significantly increasing the efficacy of the leads which the user can now generate.

Why MongoDB?

MongoDB is a high-performance, scalable NoSQL database which can be easily integrated within for a broad array of modern portal and e-commerce applications. It is being used by organizations of all sizes to integrate on-line, operational big data with BI & real-time analytics where low latency, high throughput and continuous availability are critical requirements of the system.

The webinar will further \outline best practices and recommendations for achieving performance at scale in a MongoDB system across a number of key dimensions, including hardware, application patterns, schema design and indexing, disk I/O, AmazonEC2, and designing for benchmarks derived. The session will be followed by 10 minutes of Q&A with our Big Data Expert.