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When: June 28, 2016 | 10 AM PT

A typical digital ad sale involves many steps that touch every corner of your organization. Billing, revenue reporting, production planning system and print site management need to be connected for streamlined business operations.  

If you are looking for a system which can save you from such nerve-wracking operational issues in your business, then join us for a 40 minute webinar where we would talk on

  • Media & Advertising Industry – Current Scenario
  • Overcoming Challenges with an Open Source Ad Booking Platform
  • Case Study – How a leading Media Company Increased Productivity & Revenue 
  • Live Demo of a Magento based Ad Booking Platform

If you are looking at streamlining your ad operations & reduce administrative processes, you can’t miss this webinar!

When: June 28, 2016 | 10 AM PT

About Presenter: Hariharan Ramadoss, VP - Consulting, CIGNEX

Hariharan has over 15 years of IT experience spanning products and consulting services. He has worked with several large clients and helped them in IT strategy formulation aligned to business goals, solution blueprinting and business case development. At CIGNEX, Hari holds global responsibility for consulting service offering (OpeRATM - Digital transformation blueprint leveraging Open Source technologies) & for building next generation enterprise engagement platforms and collaboration tools.