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Organizations today have to deal with the complex needs of a multi-generation, geographically dispersed workforce. Consider the below trends:

1) Employee Engagement declined to an 8 year low in 2014 across organizations of all sizes in the US (2015 Employee Engagement Trends Report, Quantum Workplace)
2) Baby Boomers & Gen Xers have the lowest level of engagement and they constitute 88% of the workforce in the US (Recent Gallup Survey)
3) Organizations with higher employee engagement also experienced higher employee retention, higher revenues and market share (2015 Employee Engagement Trends Report, Quantum Workplace)

Join CIGNEX for a 40 minute session where we will discuss how Organizations can overcome Employee Disengagement by re-inventing the Intranet Experience and how Open Source Technologies can play a crucial role in enabling the Digital Workplace.

When: June 25, 2015 |10:00 am PDT/ 1:00 pm EDT

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