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Creating Efficient HR Workspace

HR automation can greatly enhance the efficiency of the HR department by automating the repetitive & tedious manual tasks and allowing them to focus on complex tasks like decision making and strategizing.

HR departments worldwide are adopting RPA technology to enhance their employee experiences, thereby making the workplace happier and more human-centric.

CIGNEX can help you automate HR Processes which would lighten the weight of operational tasks and would enable your team to focus on enhancing employee experiences.

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RPA Adoption by HR Departments across the Globe

HR departments worldwide are adopting RPA technology, reclaiming up to 40% of their time, and making their workplace happier and more human-centric.


Faster Processing of Key HR activities


Time reclaimed by HR Team to focus on productive task


Error rate

4 months

Time to realize ROI for 80% of RPA initiatives


Cycle Time reduced


Increase in Employee Satisfaction

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HR Processes You Can Automate

Annual Appraisal Process Automation

From establishing strategy-driven goals and competencies for an employee to assessing employee performance against these goals, RPA can help you automate the entire appraisal process.

Employee Onboarding Process Automation

Deploying RPA means that routine, repetitive tasks like filling out standard forms, sending out notifications, and populating various database records can be done automatically.

Both employers and employees get a hassle-free onboarding experience across all the different HR platforms that your firm uses.

Employee Confirmation Process Automation

With RPA you can ease the process of an employee confirmation after the completion of probation.

Entire process of getting the feedback from managers to sending the conformation letter to the employee can be automated.

Employee Joining Document Management Automation

With automation, you can begin the onboarding process electronically before your new employee starts so that on their first day.

Your new hire can spend time on introductions, trainings and other face-to-face activities, not doing paperwork.

Employee Transfer Process Automation

Employee transfer can bring versatility to the organization, where RPA can help HR managers automate the process by initiating transfers, accepting & rejecting transfers & then completing transfer process as per the protocol.

Employee Exit (Full & Final) Process Automation

Automated workflows can enable organizations to automate the off boarding process with ease and simplicity.

With RPA you can initiate clearance, set up knowledge transfer process, automatically revoke access & trigger exit survey or interview.

Understand Automation Potential

It is evident RPA can play meaningful role in revolutionizing the HR process. Let’s have a look at the HR modules where RPA is changing the people’s department.

Cignex advantage


500+ Processes Automated & 2000+ Bots in Production

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UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blueprism and WorkFusion

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150+ RPA Certifications accomplished by 60+ RPA Professionals


Awarded UiPath Partner Excellence Award 2020 & UiPath Partner Recognition Award 2019