For the past 20 years CIGNEX Datamatics is in the business of providing high-quality design and development services for manifold clients from a large market segment.

Our Java resources use the latest Java tools, framework and programming languages and are dedicated towards the development of high performing, multi-functional and multi-technology, while following the agile methodology that ensures seamless communication and complete project transparency.

Our Java resources can help you with:

  • Angular, React, Vue.js web application development
  • Cross-platform mobile development with React Native
  • Node.js backend development
  • Responsive and Browser compatible web applications
  • HTML5 semantic and SEO friendly markup
  • Compatibility with community based on the latest ECMAScript standard
  • Smooth user interactions with CSS3 animations and transitions or Canvas
  • Properly designed data-flow and state management with libraries like Redux or Mobx
  • Application structure builds with up to date design patterns
  • Testing & Integrations (REST or GraphQL APIs)

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