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Leading Open Source Integrator Provides Flexible, Easy-to-Use Content Management System to power Presto newsstand service

Santa Clara, CA - March 28, 2007 - CIGNEX Technologies, a leading provider of Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions, today announced that Presto, a leading digital delivery provider, worked together with CIGNEX to create a content management solution to power its Presto newsstand service.

Presto's unique digital delivery system is a combination of Presto Service and the HP Printing Mailbox. It allows users to receive email, photos, and articles from a variety of well-known publishers without the need for a computer or an Internet connection. Users can send email just as they regularly do, from their email account, and the Presto Service automatically transforms it into beautiful layouts for printing. The HP Printing Mailbox then prints according to the user's requested schedule.

To support the seamless, versatile digital delivery system, Presto selected CIGNEX Technologies to help develop the service's comprehensive content management infrastructure. Partnering with Presto, CIGNEX delivered a complete Open Source solution for acquiring, categorizing, formatting and managing information. CIGNEX developed Presto CMS on top of Alfresco, an Open Source enterprise content management platform. Alfresco provides a fast and a highly scalable repository, search engine, and various customizable services. The architecture supports high availability, high performance, and replication support across multiple servers. A more detailed case study can be found at

"The keys to our solution are simplicity and flexibility," said Marian Cauwet, VP of Engineering, Presto. "CIGNEX worked closely with us to understand our business drivers, and they provided a powerful, easy-to-use content management system."

"Presto is making it easier for people to communicate and stay connected," said Munwar Shariff, CTO, CIGNEX. "Our company is also committed to improving communication- with better, faster and more cost-effective content management- and we're very pleased to team up with Presto and help them offer this ground-breaking delivery system."

The Presto Service is available now. More details can be found at

About CIGNEX Technologies

CIGNEX is the leading provider of Open Source Enterprise Content Management solutions for businesses and government agencies. Using industry-standard platforms, CIGNEX develops applications that are less expensive, more extensible, and easier to support than the alternatives offered by proprietary vendors. By combining a range of consulting, development, training, support and ongoing maintenance services, CIGNEX offers multiple solutions that can be rapidly optimized for each client's requirements. CIGNEX customers include Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Epson Electronics America, University of North Carolina Healthcare, University of North Carolina School of Medicine and OKI Semiconductor. CIGNEX was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. For additional information about CIGNEX please visit or call 408.327.9900.