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IT staffing resources can be hired on contract from various centres around the world including India, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Singapore, Canada, Mexico and the US

{Tuesday, April 6, 2022; Michigan, USA} - CIGNEX, a leading provider of Digital Transformation through Open Source, Cloud and Automation technology solutions is now also a leading provider of IT staffing services. As of today, CIGNEX has pool of over 1000 developers globally & is providing staffing resources to clients across geographies on various technologies as per their requirements.

Businesses today are moving towards new business models, new technologies and new ways of working. Hence the fastest growing companies are transitioning to a model that ensures business continuity & supports their growth plans.

CIGNEX's staffing services give employers the advantage to hire trained & certified resources for their required duration. Along with this, it helps in remarkably saving costs related to pre-employment screening, payroll processing & benefits administration.

Most companies are facing unreasonable demands from IT staffing vendors for increasing the rates which jeopardises their cost structure. CIGNEX is willing to engage in a dialogue with customers to ensure that inflation does not disrupt their IT transformation plans and is willing to commit to their cost savings.

"As a leading staffing resource provider, our objective is to provide right resources at the right price in this competitive talent marketplace." said Harish Ramachandran, CEO, CIGNEX. "During Covid-19, with our staffing services our clients were able to ensure 100% business continuity and timely execution of their projects." he added.

The increasing geopolitical risks in the world demands companies to look for alternatives that ensure business continuity. Staffing services will help them distribute resources across different countries and regions & mitigate potential disruptions. In our view all companies are IT companies and their competitive advantage stems from harnessing the best IT talent as full time employees or contractors across a wide variety of locations globally.

CIGNEX's staffing services provides organizations the agility to act in case of disruptions. To understand staffing models or hiring resources on contract, CIGNEX can be reached at 


CIGNEX is a Michigan based global consulting company offering solutions & services on Open Source, Cloud & Automation. Since 2000, CIGNEX has been delivering enterprise class solutions and IT staffing services that enable organizations achieve unparalleled results.

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Priyanka Sharma
Global Head-Marketing, CIGNEX