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With this partnership CIGNEX aims at creating tailored solutions for enterprises which can analyze their data streams, provide actionable insights and enhance their customer experience.

{April 11, 2019, MICHIGAN} – CIGNEX, a leading provider of Open Source, Cloud & Automation technology solutions & services announced today that it has partnered with Confluent, the company founded by the creators of Apache™ Kafka, to help enterprises solve the challenges of data integration by building stream processing applications with Kafka.

Confluent is the only enterprise streaming platform built entirely on Kafka that makes implementing, managing and deploying an enterprise streaming platform easy, reliable, secure and auditable.

As a Confluent Partner, CIGNEX will help organizations buy, build, implement, service, support and run the Confluent Platform. With the tailored solutions developed by CIGNEX, enterprises can fetch actionable intelligence by focusing on real-time data pipelines built by streaming social, geospatial or sensor data from various devices and enhance their customer experience.

“We are delighted to partner with Confluent and look forward to working with them to provide enterprises with deep insights into their Kafka pipelines through enhanced metrics provided by the Confluent Platform” said Harish Ramachandran, CEO, CIGNEX. “We aim at developing innovative new capabilities to support evolving use cases and providing top level technology expertise which will help enterprises maximize their value of data”.

CIGNEX focuses on enabling organizations evolve their systems from slow and unresponsive shared-state architectures of the past to efficient & responsive micro services architecture. Based on Confluent which lays the foundation for Event-Driven Architecture, CIGNEX has expertise in creating a Kafka-based event streaming platform where Confluent acts as the central nervous system for micro services-based applications.

Confluent being a critical platform to achieve real-time, event-driven architectures at scale enables organizations to make more informed business decisions. Being a part of the Confluent Partner Program will help CIGNEX cater to new use cases and give customers new ways of visualizing their data.

Know more about CIGNEX’ Kafka expertise here.


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