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Leading Open Source SI Demonstrates That Switching from a Proprietary CMS to Open Source Can Be Both 'Beneficial' and 'Painless'

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- CIGNEX Technologies, a leading provider of Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions, today announced that they had developed a solution that saved companies licensing and support costs - by ensuring the painless migration of a proprietary content management system to an Open Source based content management system.

CIGNEX, on behalf of a client who was locked into a leading proprietary ECM system and wanted to migrate to Open Source, developed an Alfresco-based content management system that offers a near identical interface to that offered by the leading proprietary ECM vendor, at a substantially lower cost. In fact, when the CIGNEX application began rolling out at the client site, users hardly felt any pain when they switched applications. They required no re-training whatsoever. The client had close to zero switching costs, was seamlessly transitioned to an Open Source system, obtained improved application performance, and dramatically decreased both licensing and support costs.

As part of a promotion to further propel the Open Source movement, CIGNEX announced "The Alfresco Challenge" - A promotion encouraging content management users to visit and compare the screenshots of the leading proprietary ECM vendor application to those of the more cost-effective Open Source solution based on Alfresco technology that CIGNEX developed.

"No doubt, some of the proprietary content management solutions available in the market are excellent," said Navin Nagiah, CEO, CIGNEX. "But, they also cost an arm and a leg, with little flexibility and freedom for enhancements and integrations. Our objective as an Open Source SI is to break this logjam. We have been repeatedly proving that robust enterprise class solutions can be developed & deployed using good Open Source technologies; and without the huge licensing and support costs, and decreased freedom & flexibility that come with the proprietary systems," added Mr. Nagiah.

"Our goal was always to provide an Open Source product that could surpass commercial offerings in terms of features, functionality and benefits to the user community," said John Powell, CEO, Alfresco. "Alfresco is clearly recognized as the first and leading Open Source alternative for Enterprise Content Management allowing customers to move away from the proprietary tie-ins of legacy vendors. It is great to see CIGNEX developing a package to minimize the time and cost to move to a modern Open Source ECM system."

CIGNEX encourages users interested in comparing the leading proprietary ECM vendor-based and Alfresco-based applications to visit Those users who take "The Alfresco Challenge" will qualify to win the industry's first Alfresco book - entitled Alfresco Enterprise Content Management Implementation, authored by CIGNEX CTO Munwar Shariff.

About CIGNEX Technologies

CIGNEX is the leading provider of Open Source Enterprise Content Management solutions for businesses and government agencies. Using industry-standard platforms, CIGNEX develops applications that are less expensive, more extensible, and easier to support than the alternatives offered by proprietary vendors. By combining a range of consulting, development, training, support and ongoing maintenance services, CIGNEX offers multiple solutions that can be rapidly optimized for each client's requirements. CIGNEX customers include Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Epson Electronics America, University of North Carolina Healthcare, University of North Carolina School of Medicine and OKI Semiconductor. CIGNEX was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. For additional information about CIGNEX please visit or call 408.327.9900 x303.