360° view of the franchisor-franchisee world

CIGNEX Datamatics’ Franchise Management Platform (FMP)™ is a highly customizable, Open Source-based franchise management system delivered on a hosted, managed, configured and fully supported solution stack for managing relationships, content, operations & performance among franchise owners (franchisors), franchisees and customers.

Our innovative franchise management software enables the franchiser to imbibe its corporate culture into consistent franchisee service, which drives better employee engagement, leading to improved customer experience.

FMP™ comprises the following building blocks to enable a 360º view of the franchisor-franchisee world

  • Owner relationship management
  • Franchise content management
  • Operations & performance management
  • Deal management
  • Contract management


  • Visibility – Franchise software enabling 360 degree view of franchisees and their performance
  • Operation Management -  Streamlined processes to manage franchisee agreements, enable new store concepts, new franchisee approval, lead management and more.
  • Collaboration -  Collaboration with franchisees over social platform - team rooms, wikis, forums and blogs
  • Franchise marketing - Brands standard messaging with broadcast capabilities to simultaneously communicate new product launches, training and marketing campaigns to all franchisees
  • Registration – No hassles on-boarding, operating policies & procedures, quality, safety and reporting Metrics
  • Self-learning - Access to Knowledgebase, smart FAQ, franchise improvement collaboration, Gamification
  • Fast retrieval of information - Parametric search, multilingual content
  • Role-based access - Owner service, e-Concierge
  • Profitable tools - Daily deal socialization and e-Coupons


  • Enhanced productivity and performance through relevant information, processes tracking and automated workflow
  • Easy to use, mobile-ready
  • Franchise management software relevant to corporate culture
  • No lock-in with micro-vendor
  • Available as on-premise and SaaS models
  • Ready to run in 60 days

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