OCM - Manage contract lifecycle, business workflow, streamline operations, increase compliance

Alfresco-based Open Contract Manager (OCM) is a workflow centered Open Source contract management solution allowing organizations to draft, review, monitor, and execute contracts with suppliers and vendors.OCM runs on Cloud (Alfresco's user based pricing model) or On-premise (Alfresco EE subscription) offering scalability and flexibility as per the business needs.

Here are a few examples of our solutions involving development & customization

  • A customized Contract Management & Procurement system for a leading bank in Singapore helped them to improve operational efficiency by integrating tax & legal structures of more than 5 Asian Countries with support for 3 languages and reduced total cost of ownership by 70% over proprietary technology based solutions. We migrated over 5000 legacy contracts using an automated tool
  • A leading auto-parts company, with more than 35,000 employees across 2,500 stores in North America was facing challenges like poor vendor management; re-work of contracts, excessive paperwork, lack of physical security and time consuming contract management process. Our Open Source Contract Management Solution helped them in integration with supplier network for various approved product lines, management of various policies and agreements with Alfresco’s Out of Box functionality and creating transparent workflows with continuous tracking, identifying bottlenecks and accelerating business decisions. We migrated over 100k legacy contracts for vendor management


  • Centralized electronic contract repository
  • Built-in contract diff tool
  • e-Sign with PIN and personalized contract task-list
  • Powerful search and notification capabilities
  • Integrations – Microsoft® Word, PDF, Open Office, Google Docs
  • Mobile and tablet access
System Requirements:
  • Subscription: Alfresco Enterprise v4.0.2 or Alfresco Cloud
  • Operating System: Windows XP/7, Mac OSX 10.7.4/10.8.0, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
  • Application Server: Tomcat 6.0.24/35, JBoss 5.1.1 EAP, Oracle WebLogic 11g Rel1(10.3.5), Websphere
  • Database: MySQL 5.5, MS SQL Server 2008 R2, Oracle (10g v10.2.0.5, 11g v11.2.0.1), PostgreSQL 9.0.4, DB2
  • Browser: Mozilla Firefox 12, MS IE 7/8/9, Safari 5.1.7, Chrome 15
Documents provided with OCM™ Component Guide (including)
  • User Guide
  • Technical Details
  • Configuration and Installation Details


  • Ensure compliance and accelerate time to closure
  • Improve visibility, boost productivity
  • Audit tracking with robust contract processing workflows for contract filing and drafting stages

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