Mercado™ - Build an online application store within your portal or web application

Mercado helps organizations setting up enterprise or web application store where an employee can go and get access to all the applications required to perform a business task/activity.

CIGNEX Datamatics’ Mercado can be integrated with any existing enterprise application. The primary use case of Mercado is to create a “Knowledge Repository” of products, for example software products, reports, videos, photos, code snippets and other reusable items which could be downloaded via internet. 

Mercado™ is a winner of Liferay Marketplace Application contest.

Why Mercado?
  • Easy to use collaborative marketplace
  • Open Source and Open Standards based framework
  • Flexible and extensible


  • Contributors
    • Share and upload products to Mercado like conventional marketplace
    • Analyze usage reports real time using dashboards
  • Administrators
    • Define roles and create workflows for product qualification process
    • Moderate products through established qualification criteria and publish it to wider audience
    • Manage overall dashboard for all the products
  • Customers/Users
    • Search, download products matching their business needs
    • Rate products
    • Participate in collaborative message boards for product improvements
System Requirements:
  • Liferay Portal EE 6.0.6, ZK Framework CE 6.0.1

Mercado™ User Guide

Download Mercado™ user guide to explore features with snapshopts and technology in detail.


  • Centralized repository realizing huge cost saving for the enterprise
    • Prevents excessive time, effort and investment by removing the redundant activity of disintegrated departments building same products/solutions over and over again
    • Distributed/Shared costs for product enhancements
      • Enhancements in existing products due through common platform offering autonomy to the end users & contributors
    • Opens new revenue (implementation revenue) source for the IT department as they can sell products/solutions to other departments
  • Faster time to Market –
    • Allows enterprise to accelerate product lifecycle (development, testing, go-to-market) through re-utilization of existing efforts from various departments

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