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RPA implementations are gaining popularity due to the money and resources RPA saves businesses over time. If you have decided that RPA is the right solution for your business needs, CIGNEX can help you develop a customized strategy to ensure a successful implementation.

At CIGNEX, we support end-to-end RPA implementation services starting from RPA strategy and pilot projects to full-scale implementations, operating model, and advanced automation integrating RPA with analytics and cognitive solutions.

Our result-driven service delivery strategy at CIGNEX covers everything - from designing and managing solutions to learning and adapting them to changing demands and changes. We have built an effective framework that will help enterprises expand their automation solutions quickly and efficiently. Our RPA maturity framework is platform neutral and serves as a roadmap for customers on their automation journey. Our highly experienced workforce has designed, constructed, implemented, and maintained over 5000+ processes using mature RPA implementation approach, best practices, and comprehensive governance model.

At CIGNEX, we use a combination of AI and ML technologies as well as RPA implementation services to help all of our business partners modernize their business processes and improve internal ecosystem. We can incorporate intelligent automation right within your business processes with our end-to-end RPA services, allowing you to increase your team's productivity, improve scalability, and lower operational expenses.

We've automated millions of business transactions. Our experience runs across industries and we help you adopt robotic automation opportunities to build, manage, and scale your digital workforce.

At CIGNEX, we help organizations build automated solutions focused towards achieving cost reduction and reimagining processes to create intuitive systems. We work on leading RPA tools like UiPath, Automation Anywhere & Blue Prism to implement seamless systems which deliver high performance. Our RPA implementation approach includes

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RPA Use Cases

CIGNEX expertise with RPA tools helped to transform legacy processes for a leading financial and bookkeeping company based out of US. With our technology experience we implemented automation processes to detect fraud using UiPath platform.


Reduced Process Time
20 Min to 2 Min

Processed Invoices

Bots after Automation


CIGNEX designed and implemented automation for a leading US based luxury fashion holding company to automate inventory control process.



Proper Tracking of Errors on a Daily Basis

Automate Repetitive

Faster Processing and Time Saving

Sending Reports via Email


End-to-End RPA Implementation


Automation Strategy






Development of Bot


Managed Services

RPA Life Cycle













“RPA software spending is on pace to total $2.4 billion in 2022.  By the end of 2022, 85 percent of large and very large organizations will have deployed some form of RPA.”


RPA Platform Expertise

Our consultants have worked across various technologies and RPA Vendors to successfully develop & implement RPA solutions to our customers across the globe.

Why Engage Us?


500+ Processes Automated & 5000+ Bots in Production

Certified Experts

150+ RPA Certifications accomplished by 60+ RPA Professionals


Recognized by UiPath with Partner Excellence Awards


CMMi Level 3 Processes, Guidelines and Templates & ISO 27001 Compliant