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Countries have become stringent with their money laundering laws & compliance for the banking & finance sector. Adhering to compliance with reduced error & faster processing rate are key challenges faced by Banking & Finance sector. With increased cost structures, banks have to enhance productivity to remain profitable in this competitive market.

RPA helps bank increase efficiency by automating repetitive task using cognitive intelligence that replaces humans with bots. With automation, 40% of tasks can be easily automated by bots with zero error rate & reduced cycle time with 24*7 availability.

At CIGNEX, we help banks & financial services companies replace humans with bots, in order to

With a team of 60+ certified RPA certified professionals, we have helped BFS companies to determine their next strategic technological policy. Understanding & technological knowhow are important factors in evaluating the right technology vendor which ensures the right implementation & deliverables for your RPA strategy.

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Why Automation in Banking & Finance?

Increased compliance and eradication of human error ensuring higher quality

Real-time monitoring and investigation

Faster turnaround time

Cyber treat & security

Reduced business response time

Improved communication channel

Banking & Financial Processes You Can Automate

RPA helps automate variety of tasks, up to 40% task can be easily automated. Automation reduces cycle time & error rate, provides 24*7 availability & improved communication to ensure customer are delighted with the services. With RPA, we can help you automate -

Account ReconciliationAccounts PayableKYC
Loan ProcessingUnderwritingCustomer Service
Account Opening & Closing ClosureCredit Card processingFraud Detection

Understand Automation Potential of Processes

Automation Benefits to Banking & Financial Service Industry

Augmenting RPA in banking & financial services organization can be a pivotal decision to stay ahead of the competition.

Shorter implementation time & faster roi realization makes RPA an indigenous approach for faster adoption. RPA benefits to customers, employees & organizations are at a large.


Improved Error rate


Faster communication with customer


Error rate reduced

4 - 6 months

Time to realize ROI for 80% of RPA initiatives


Cycle Time reduced


Increase in Employee Satisfaction