The Liferay Content Optimizer is a tool designed to optimize the content on the Liferay Platforms by identifying the unused, hidden and unwanted content items (web content, documents & pages). Post identifying, the tool acts against the unwanted content by highlighting them to the content owners and administrators, so they can purge them. To explain it in a deconstructed manner, the Liferay Content Optimizer takes care of two processes - Content Review and Content Cleanup. Being a product suite, the tool is packaged with a number of large and minute applications which can be additionally used to assist Liferay Upgrades, as it can make the entire process light-weight.

Download this brochure, and discover how the Liferay Content Optimizer can help you solve your business needs. Within the document, we have intricately elaborated information regarding the:

  • Content Actions
  • The Audit Logs
  • General Setup & Role Assignment
  • Content Restriction Function
  • Activity Counter
  • New Content
  • Top Reviewers
  • My Changes
  • Group Statistics


  1. Search and Identify Unused & Expired Content with Ease
  2. Default View to watch the latest Content Statistics in a carousel format
  3. Audit Logs Tracking and Role Assignments Notification to the Administrator
  4. Locate Content anywhere within the Portal with Content Locator
  5. Content Restriction Feature to manage sensitive information
  6. Content Configuration & Dashboard Personalization
  7. Schedule Daily or Weekly Notifications with User & Group Statistics & New Content Upload details
  8. Easy Content Export
  9. Expiry Date Marker
  10. Activity Counter Tracking to track the activity of current users

Estimated Performance Statistics


  • Up to date and organized content
  • Identify & remove outdated content and avoid content duplication
  • Easy Reassignment of Assets
  • Detailed analytics (Pie Charts & Graphs) with accurate Statistics