If your platform is delivering poor performance you have already lost its utility. Poor performance just doesn’t create business loss but also decreases productivity of your end users and severely affects your brand image. Liferay is one of the high performing and highly scalable portal platform but it does require performance specific best practices to be implemented.

CIGNEX Datamatics Liferay Performance Tuning

CIGNEX Datamatics’ Liferay performance tuning services offer 40+ performance checks along with fixes and recommendations. First we do the assessment and based on findings, we offer tuning services to improve the performance of the portal. Below are the deliverables of our performance tuning exercise.

Deliverables of Liferay Performance Assessment

  1. Hardware Review
  2. Architecture Review
  3. Software Review
  4. Log File Review
  5. Web Server Configurations
  6. Deployment Review
  7. Network Testing
  8. Caching
  9. Enterprise Service Bus
  10. Load Testing & Tuning
  11. Web Page Testing
  12. Code Review

When to Engage?

Case Study on Liferay Performance Improvement

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