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Automation is the latest advancement set to revolutionize the global retail market. The retail-automation market is expected to witness steady growth, owing to such avant-garde collaboration between global retail and consumer goods sector, and the global electronics and IT industry. Considering the fact that retail industry drives the growth of several business and trade ventures around the world, the influence of automation will bring more efficiency to billions of retail transactions.

Automation in Retail can greatly enhance the efficiency of the physical & ecommerce store located at multiple location by automating the processing of data intensive large files at a faster rate than humans, without errors.

Retailers who embrace digital technology stand to thrive in the Omni channel environment. Automation can help retailers integrate legacy inventory, ordering, and tracking systems with Omni channel ordering and fulfilment systems, allowing retailers to seamlessly

CIGNEX can help you automate Retail Processes which would lighten the weight of operational tasks and would enable your team to focus on enhancing customer experiences.

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Why Automation in Retail?

Productivity and efficiency

Robotic automation tools are faster than human FTEs and can function 24/7


Automation phases out human intervention, thus reducing possibility of human errors

Scalability and flexibility

The ability to replicate robotic tools across geographies/business units increases scalability and flexibility

Cost savings

Robotic automation tools are up to 65% less expensive than offshore based FTEs


Robotics allows data and processes to be retained onsite

Areas that can be automated

Automation has huge potential to automate number of process/segment in retail sector. A list of business process not limited to that can be automated are as below.

Trade Promotions

Process that does not have defined data structure makes data processing a tedious job. RPA not only helps to reduce cycle time but also eliminates any human errors

Sales Analytics

Derive meaningful insight from large number of data set makes RPA a winning solution, providing full audits trials with real time insights, assisting retailers take informed decision

In Store planning

Customer expect retailers to fulfil their requirement at a short notice. RPA provide in-depth access to buyer history providing more accurate & reliable information for a wide variety of location

New Product Introduction

New launch require collaboration between multiple teams, RPA easily automate real time alerts & client monitoring opinions & makes collaboration between the team easier

Invoice & Returns Processing

Replace manual processing with automation that deliver accurate & faster processing approach to invoice & returns processing

Accounting and Finance

Improve efficiency, accuracy of processes that result in 50% cost reduction of your cycle time

Data Driven Inventory Planning

Demand-Supply planning


Shift forecasting demand, inventory ordering and even negotiation of prices from in-house human experts to an algorithm to drive efficiency.

ERP management

Seamlessly enhance the efficiency of your inventory management through Automation which delivery performance 24/7

Business & Sales Analytics

Number crunching for a larger number of data set to drive meaning insight is possible with Automation

Warehouse, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Review warehouse management with automation including logistic & supply chain management

Customer Support & Call Centre process

Automation helps you furnish basic benefits of the technology: cost reduction, accuracy, faster cycle times and non-invasiveness,

Benefits for Automating Retail Applications

Improved customer experiences
Data processing accuracy
Heightened return on investment
Reduction in cycle time
Compliance Adherance
Increase in Employee Satisfaction


500+ Processes Automated & 2000+ Bots in Production

Certified Experts
150+ RPA Certifications accomplished by 60+ RPA Professionals

Platform Expertise
UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blueprism and WorkFusion

Awarded UiPath Partner Excellence Award 2020 & UiPath Partner Recognition Award 2019

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