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Get Specialist Support for Multiple RPA Tools

With our RPA Support & Managed Services, our objective is to ensure that your BOTs are performing at the highest possible level of consistency and performance.
Being a leading RPA service provider and partners with major RPA vendors like UiPath & Automation Anywhere; we are continuously updated regarding the changes and upgrades. Hence it allows us to put solutions in place ahead of time, before they become a challenging for the users. Be it a recent RPA implementation or the one where you need continuous maintenance, we can full suite of services to support your requirement.
Our support team manages, monitors, and optimizes your RPA project to manage your RPA infrastructure. We also offer RPA enhancements to ensure continuous improvement. Not only this, with our innovative approach to automation we have the ability to provide custom automated release and patch management for your enterprise applications using RPA.
Our support, maintenance and managed services can be customized to meet your needs. With our RPA support services, we ensure that your RPA bots and infrastructure have

CIGNEX is invested in RPA since 2016 and had automated over 500 processes and has over 2000+ bots are in production. We have developed and supported RPA solutions for various industries across the globe. As you had implemented RPA to reduce cost and improve performance, our RPA support experts will ensure that it stays that ways.

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RPA Support Services

To ensure that your RPA solution is running efficiently, it needs regular maintenance. Our team of RPA support experts specializes in providing ongoing support, as needed by you.


RPA Managed Services

We offer a suite of RPA Managed Services, from which you can choose as per your needs & requirements. Each offering can be individually tailored to integrate seamlessly with any CMS, the cloud or your existing IT systems and processes. Be it 24/7 support or hourly support, we can design a package that suites your needs.

RPA Process and Bot Monitoring

Support & Maintenance

Remote RPA Support

Performance Improvement


Proactive RPA Support

RPA Platform Expertise

We can provide support across the RPA platforms & ensure that your receive the maximum benefit of your RPA investment,

Why Engage Us?

Platform Expertise

Specialist support for multiple RPA tools including UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere

Certified Experts

150+ RPA Certifications accomplished by 60+ RPA Professionals


Faster Resolution

Proactive RPA solution management, solving problems before they occur.


CMMi Level 3 Processes, Guidelines and Templates & ISO 27001 Compliant