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UiPath Managed Services for Higher Bot Performance

With our UiPath Managed Services, our objective is to ensure that your bots are running effectively and delivering the results you expect from them.

CIGNEX, being a UiPath gold partner and reseller has experience in supporting clients across the UiPath product portfolio.

Whether you are looking for support to manage the existing UiPath robots deployed, or for keeping them up to date, our Managed Services team can support you with the comprehensive range of services.

Our team ensures high availability (HA), low risk, high uptime, and incident resolution.

WHY CIGNEX RPA Managed Services?

Our UiPath RPA managed services helps enterprises in achieving business process automation goals. We offer UiPath technical help 24/7 in Bot Management, Failure and Disaster Recovery, Opportunity and Discovery Management, ensuring rapid and easy replies to all RPA issues.

Expert Incident Management and SLAs

Managing the UiPath Environments

Risk Mitigation

Incident & Escalation Support

Regular Robot diagnosis

High Availability

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RPA Platform Expertise

We can provide support & managed services across the RPA platforms & ensure that your receive the maximum benefit of your RPA investment,

Why Engage Us?

Platform Expertise

Specialist support for multiple RPA tools including UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere

Certified Experts

150+ RPA Certifications accomplished by 60+ RPA Professionals



500+ Processes Automated & 5000+ Bots in Production


10+ Community Contributions on UiPath Go!  Marketplace

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