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Not sure if deploying robots will be a fruitful decision. Use this calculator to determine the actual savings you can make by deploying robots to automate repetitive & routine task.

RPA bots uses latest technology to execute task at much faster rate than what humans will take. Not only that, but Bots execute task without error & adhere to compliance which is a key to RPA deployment. Knowledge about your existing process will help you estimate the cost of RPA deployment.


How to Use the Calculator?

  • Fill in the form to access the calculator
  • Input the number of tasks you would like to automate & FTE on the tasks
  • Get the ROI calculation (Currency supported – USD, INR & SGD)



  • To determine the Robotic Process Automation cost, the software, people and infrastructure elements are considered. For the purposes of the calculator only the manpower effort saved is considered, the qualitative benefits & administrative cost saving arising from the Automation are not included.
  • Staff time released by the automation can be effectively used. No benefit created from such time has been included in the calculations
  • By default attended robots are considered. The RPA products come with attended & unattended robots with orchestration option. The exact costs will depend on the actual number of robots and their usage, this calculation is for guidance only
  • The UiPath Automation Cloud is being used as the basis of the activity as this provides the minimum setup time and enables effort to focus on robot builds.
  • The estimates are indicative in nature. Actual cost will be provided upon further assessment & scope analysis.


CIGNEX RPA Expertise

  • 500+ Processes Automated & 5000+ Bots in Production
  • 150+ RPA Certifications accomplished by RPA Professionals
  • Expertise in UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blueprism, Power Automate & Power Apps
  • CMMi Level 3 Processes, Guidelines and Templates
  • ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) Compliant
  • Community Contributions on UiPath Go!  Marketplace

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