For any business or enterprise, objective is to improve revenue, cost efficiency, business processes, and create more agile organizations. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions help organizations channelize their content to derive value in business activities. The need for content solutions within enterprise is necessary irrespective of size or area of activity. Content solutions not only helps in managing but also help in automating key business processes thereby reducing time, overhead, and dependency on team members across the length and breadth of activities within and outside the organization. Content Solutions have matured to include the social features and other capabilities that enable collaboration that make content management and transfer easier.

ECM Dynamics:


Hybrid ECM Solutions
Content Application
Integration with Business Applications


Overflowing File Servers
Difficult to Find Content
Risk of Information Leaks
Information Silos across Solutions


Risk Management
Process Transformation
User Engagement
Content Analytics

1) The Future of Enterprise Content Management : Five ECM Trends in 2014 by IDC
2) From InfoChaos to Information Opportunity - AIIM14 Report

CIGNEX Datamatics’ enterprise content solutions capture, manage, deliver, protect, and archive information assets of an organization through a simple, easy-to-use interface and provide access and control to enterprise information - anytime, anywhere. We help customers in solution strategy, finding mapping solutions, providing choices of open source technology platforms and engage with them in ECM lifecycle solutions and services



Document Management

Record Management
Version Management

Imaging and Scanning

Capturing, Storing and Retrieving Content
Electronic Scanning – OCR/Digitization

Web Content Management

Digital Marketing Platform

Enterprise Search

Ingestion, Indexing, Processing and Matching
Query Processing

Learning/Knowledge Management

Collaborative Environment
Tools for Online Learning


Monitoring and Documentation of Process
Data Processing Tools



  • Business solution
    • Address both technical and business objectives
  • Multi-channel
    • User Experience, Anywhere, Any Device
  • Collaboration
    • Approval, Notification, Push-Pull, Conversion, Grouping, Authoring
  • Security
    • Security, Role-based Access, Encryption
  • Search
    • Search, Google-like, Retrieve, Multi-Source
  • Scalable storage
    • Storage, Disk, Volume, Archival, Backup, Retention
  • Unified, Organized Content Store
    • Data/Content, Versioning, Classification
  • Digitization
    • Paper, Electronic
  • Non-functional
    • Performance, Speed, Multi-User, Global
  • Support
    • Consolidation, Support & Maintenance

Why CIGNEX Datamatics?

CIGNEX Datamatics’ has experience of delivering over 115+ content solutions for various customers including migrating content and collaboration systems from proprietary technologies to proven Open Source technology products based solutions. 

  • 110+ content experts
  • 115+ implementations such as ECM, WCM, LMS, BPM, Contract Management and integrating with portals, ERP, CRM, IAM/IRM, legacy systems etc.
  • Author of 6 books on Alfresco
  • 1000+ community contributions
  • Partnership and relationship with leading Open Source product vendors
    • Alfresco to deliver business critical Open Source ECM solutions
    • Drupal & Jahia for WCM
    • Moodle for learning management system
    • Solr for enterprise search
    • Ephesoft for imaging and scanning solutions
    • Alfresco Activiti for BPM/Workflow
  • Products/Frameworks
    • RAPIDO – Content Management & Publishing
      • Simplify content management and publishing with Alfresco ECM and Drupal WCM
    • OCM - Open Contract Manager
      • Manage contract lifecycle, business workflow, streamline operations, increase compliance

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