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Creating Automated systems for Robust Healthcare

The healthcare sector has been witnessing most disruptive phase till date.  Factors such as improve patient outcomes, increase
operating margins, and improve patient experience are becoming extremely vital.

These demands are causing consolidation in the industry, resulting in the need for the large-scale data integration, process automation, and advanced analytics.  

Doctor & healthcare practitioner are overburden with compliance & statuary guidelines. Adhering to compliance can become stringent sometime. RPA can aid healthcare industry ease their long, time consuming complicated processes so that they can focus more on providing the comfort the patient needs in the times of distress.

CIGNEX can help you automate healthcare business processes which would lighten the weight on doctors & health care practitioners & would help them focus on providing quality care to patients.

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WHY RPA in Healthcare Sector?

  • Improved Security & Compliance

  • Improved Employee Experience

  • Planning & Control

  • Reduced Turnaround Time (TAT)

  • Better cost management

  • Intelligent front-office support

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Healthcare Processes You Can Automate

Patient Scheduling

Automate appointment scheduling & management of patient with doctors

Improving claims management

Automate Claim processing with bots help reducing error, by preventing the non-compliance associated with miscoded claims, and by ensuring faster settlement to avoid delays in patient care.

Optimizing the audit process

Improve data quality & federal compliance to satisfy audit guidelines, assist in identifying opportunities to embed automation-enabled controls within the business

Document Processing

Automate Intake, Filing & processing of patient healthcare records, patient registration & supporting document

Prior authorization

Automate & monitor data collection process for wide array of information required for Prior Authorization

Accelerating account settlements

Automate account receivables & payables which may result in slow cash flow & minimum write-offs

Account Settlement

Keep patients up-to-date about the transaction with account receivable & payables

Medical Billing

Automate & standardizes payment posting, Electronic Health Records (EHR), and claims administrations.

Discharge Instruction

Adhere to hospital discharge guidelines. Notify patients about upcoming appointments and medical tests, and send reminders to patients about prescription pick-ups.

Physician Credentialing

Entail full transparency by automating credentialing of physician, nurse & other clinical providers

Healthcare Workflow Management

Automate remote monitoring, case and utilization management, healthcare operations management and inventory management without compromising data security

Secondary Claims Management

Automate contractual adjustments and reduce errors for secondary claims submission

Benefits of RPA in Healthcare

Reduction in TAT for Claims Processing
Time saving in CGHS & ECHSy
Enhance Personalized User Experience
200K Hours
Time saved for Doctors, Nurse to handle documents
Adherence to regulatory compliance & policy
Reduction in Patient registration time


500+ Processes Automated & 2000+ Bots in Production

Certified Experts
150+ RPA Certifications accomplished by 60+ RPA Professionals

Platform Expertise
UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blueprism and WorkFusion

Awarded UiPath Partner Excellence Award 2020 & UiPath Partner Recognition Award 2019