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Rapid Application Development has transformed the means of enterprise application development and delivery. As enterprises are struggling to keep up pace with the business demand while still relying on long drawn conventional time intensive development cycles, low code platforms offer a breath of fresh air.

Low code platforms are designed to enable enterprises to develop applications with quick turnaround time. It includes minimal coding, faster integration, rapid deployment, and the platforms are expected to work on any device without much configuration.

At CIGNEX Datamatics, we leverage Outsystems Agile Development Platform to create enterprise grade applications. Our experts have comprehensive knowledge of OutSystems that enables them to do custom coding to meet the exact requirements, develop the entire application that can be easily integrated with the existing systems of the enterprises & deploy it on cloud, on premise or hybrid environments.

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Why Choose OutSystems?

Rapid Development

Development and deployment of full-stack apps are easy and fast with OutSystems platform

User Experience

Get responsive web and mobile apps, real-time performance dashboards, and pre-built patterns, samples & templates

Easy Integration

Get responsive web and mobile apps, real-time performance dashboards, and pre-built patterns, samples & templates

Agility and Scalability

Manage any number of users, complexity, or data volume with OutSystems

Unbreakable Deployment

Error-free deployment of apps across on-premises and cloud environments is possible via OutSystems

Built-in Security

Apps are safe all the way from design to deployment with the app security features of OutSystems

OutSystems Offerings

OutSystems Platform Assessment

We aim at bringing the advantages of low-code to customers across all industries. With our expertise we can help you evaluate OutSystems, understand how you can create, develop, deploy, monitor, & manage applications using the low-code approach.

OutSystems Design and Architecture

Our experts understand the OutSystems 4 Layer Canvas & can leverage it to identify your business concepts and correctly organize them into a cohesive architecture.

Our Design & Architecture experts can help you

Validate your application architecture
Design service architecture patterns
Design scalable multi-tenant applications
Implement a MDM solution in OutSystems
Translating business concepts into application modules
Service-Oriented Architectures for OutSystems applications
Application composition
Microservices Architecture in OutSystems

OutSystems Consulting and Project Planning

We perform thorough analysis of the clients’ businesses to identify the processes that best fit their organizations. On the basis of analysis, we determine the project scope and prepare strategies for Systems Development Life Cycle management.

OutSystems Development Services

OutSystems Platform makes developers more productive by providing out of the box many non-functional requirements, which can be time consuming and error-prone to implement.
Our team of experienced OutSystems developers have expertise of developing visually appealing apps for better user engagement. We are also skilled at updating any specific aspect of your web app and redeploying it.

OutSystems Integration

Our OutSystems experts can integrate OutSystems into a broader enterprise application.

We can help you integrate Outsystems with

  • Major database systems - SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and DB2 iSeries
  • SOAP web services and REST APIs
  • SAP, Salesforce, and Microsoft SharePoint
OutSystems Upgrade/ Migration

We understand that migrating from or upgrading an environment or a set of environments to a new OutSystems Platform should always follow the staging lifecycle of the applications in that infrastructure.

Our experts can help you

  • Upgrade to OutSystems 10
  • Migrate Lotus Notes Application to OutSystems
OutSystems Maintenance & Support

Our support channel staffed with experienced support engineers can take over the maintenance of your OutSystems applications and environments and give you a total peace of mind.

We offer

  • Support Desk (24/7)
  • Platform- and application management (monitoring, alerting & reporting)
  • Platform maintenance (updates, patches & database cleaning)
  • Advice to improve security, stability and performance of the platform and applications
  • Certificates and OutSystems License end dates (monitoring & alerting)
OutSystems Professional Services

Want to hire OutSystems Experts?

We have a team of certified OutSystems experts who can help you successfully implement & deliver your projects. We can help you with

  • OutSystems Administrators         
  • OutSystems Developers
  • OutSystems Project Managers

OutSystems Solutions

Organizations are digitizing their operations and driving rapid business value with OutSystems. Here are just a few apps we can build for you with OutSystems.

B2E Mobile Apps

Employee self-service
Field workforce management
Inventory management
Equipment tracking

Operations & Workflow Apps

Work orders
Inspections & compliance
Operational dashboards
Project tracking / Help desk
Quality control

Finance Apps

Supplier portal
Approval workflows
Purchase requisitions
Expense reporting

HR Apps

Employee directory
Employee onboarding
Training management
Learning app
Timesheets, vacations, expenses

CIGNEX Datamatics Advantage

  • Experience of development of over 300 enterprise applications for various industry verticals
  • Ramping up strength on Outsystems with adequate knowledge base and resources
  • Deep understanding of Business Processes