Sitecore, is a leading digital experience software used by organizations globally to create seamless, personalized digital experiences. Sitecore is an integrated platform powered by .net CMS, commerce and digital marketing tools. It is a fully featured, connected customer experience platform where you can do much more than just managing your online content.

At CIGNEX Datamatics, we have experience in building Experience Platforms on Sitecore by combining Sitecore Experience Manager’s content management capability & Sitecore Experience Database. Our Sitecore experts can provide services spanning from consulting, planning and implementation, to add-ons and enhancements, to training and ongoing support and maintenance.

Why Sitecore?

Sitecore enables creation of meaningful interactions that connect with customers and enables you to stay in touch with them across channels.

Powerful Framework

Allows creation of a repository of reusable site components that can be assembled & syndicated across multiple sites leading to efficient development of compelling next-generation web solutions

Intuitive Interface

Powerful as well as an intuitive interface built keeping usability in mind & which allows editing of your site with ease

Integration Everywhere

Full data integration and an abstraction layer that can connect to any database, web service or other external system

Built to Scale

Deliver compelling user experiences at lightning speed using a combination of powerful tools, intelligent caching controls, and the power of ASP .NET

Our Sitecore Services

Sitecore Development & Implementation

Our Sitecore developers have experience in building complex solutions and applications including web applications, portals, mobile applications, modules and multi-sites on Sitecore with continuous integration and test-driven approach. Our Sitecore implementation services utilize industry’s best practices and effective tools to ensure quick implementation with required quality and reliability.

Sitecore Integration

Our Sitecore experts provide value-add Sitecore integration services to extend the functionality and uses of your Sitecore system in line with other business applications like CRM, SharePoint, ERP, and many more.

Sitecore Customization

With our iterative implementation methodology, we can implement Medallia’s Customer Experience cloud-based platform through an efficient and effective approach for exceptional service delivery

Sitecore Migration & Upgrade

Our Sitecore Migration & Upgrade are conducted with extensive planning to ensure smooth transition and zero content loss.

Sitecore Support & Management

Our Sitecore support and maintenance services involve continuous patches & upgrades, error handling, bug fixing and testing to tune the performance of your Sitecore venture with required quality and cost-efficiency.

Sitecore Professional Services

Do you have a project in hand and require experienced Sitecore experts?
Hire from our pool of Sitecore experts who can help you successfully implement & deliver your projects.
You can hire -
• Sitecore Consultants
• Sitecore Administrators
• Sitecore Developers
• Sitecore Project Managers

Why CIGNEX Datamatics?

  • Expertise in delivering Experience platforms across industries & capability to build a perfect solution to deliver best ROI
  • Well defined processes to follow Sitecore best practices for Security and administration
  • Experiences team which can quickly mobilize to solve complex technical implementations using agile methodologies