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About The Training

Puppet automates every step of the delivery process starting from provisioning of virtual or physical machines to orchestration and node management. This training is designed for professionals looking to automate their network for high performance.

What Will It Offer?

  • Brief overview into various components into an automated system including deployment, provisioning and node management
  • Guide to deploying applications in Puppet with high performance, reliability and scalability
  • How to utilize Foreman and M collective while managing large networks?
  • Troubleshooting common issues known while developing an automated system

Why You Should Enroll?

  • Learn how to identify known problems and creating reports in Apache Puppet
  • Leveraging pre-configured templates while creating new systems to save time.
Course Content (2 Days)
  • Puppet Overview architecture
  • Why Puppet
  • Agents and Master
  • Nodes and Functions
  • Abstraction Layer
  • Transactional Layers
  • Modules and Classes
  • Deployments with Puppet
  • Reporting
  • Getting Started with Puppet
  • Installing Puppet
  • Puppet Configurations
  • Connecting Agents Configuration
  • Modules creation
  • Provisioning Hosts with Puppet
  • Versioning Modules
  • Configuring Nodes
  • Creating Modules for SSH, MySQL, Apache, Postfix
  • Merging and Branching
  • Puppet Environments
  • Environments Configurations
  • Using Exported Resources
  • Production vsStaging
  • Puppet Configurations with External Node Classification
  • Node Configuration in LDAP
  • Virtual Resources with Stored Configurations
  • Puppet Consoles with Dashboard
  • Puppet Foreman Integration
  • Puppet Forge Tool with Modules
  • Cucumber Puppet Overview
  • Puppet Ruby DSL Overview
  • Puppet Reporting
  • Overview & Configuration
  • Report Processors & Customization
  • Extending Puppet with Custom Facts
  • Functions and Providers with Custom Types
  • Advanced Puppet
  • Marionette Collective and Plugins
  • Working with Puppet

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