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About The Training

Alfresco is an Open Source ECM (Enterprise Content Management). It is an open platform for business critical document management and collaboration. The training is useful for professionals looking to learn basic concepts of Alfresco forms system and Alfresco Share configuration.

What Will It Offer?

  • This course module will help you understand Alfresco Form sub system, enhanced search functionality for advanced search implementation.
  • We will cover how to display content using Alfresco Share interface integration with different content models & types and custom model development through share theme creation.
Course Content (4 Days)
  • Alfresco Introduction
  • Architecture of Alfresco
  • Alfresco Installation
  • Configure Database
  • Understanding Alfresco Explorer
  • Understanding Alfresco Share
  • Custom Permissions
  • Content Automation using Rules
  • Default Workflows
  • Importing and Exporting Content
  • Accessing Alfresco in Different Ways
  • Working with Content Model
  • Create new Content Model
  • Creating Custom JSP
  • Creating Custom Action Class
  • Content Management using CMIS
  • Content Management using Web Service API
  • JavaScript API
  • Free Marker Templates
  • Web Script Architecture
  • Creating Web Scripts
  • Custom Workflows
  • Advance Web scripts
  • Creating Dashlets
  • Customizing Share User Interface
  • Records Management
  • Email Archiving
  • Alfresco Add-ons
  • LDAP Configuration

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