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About The Training

The training is useful for system administrators and Java developers who want to learn & build processing applications.

What Will It Offer?

  • 3-day Apache Hadoop hands-on training for using Hadoop to build data processing applications
  • Provides Open Source software platform for data-intensive applications
  • Offer dependability & data motion to applications which is helpful in storing, processing and scrutinizing hefty volumes of data
  • Training covers Hadoop Architecture with HBase and Map/Reduce, Avro, Mahout, Pig, Chukwa, Hive, Cassandra, Zoo Keeper with Hadoop deployment

Why You Should Enroll?

  • Easy computational standards to define Map/Reduce
  • Fault tolerance environment settings
  • Sound infrastructure scale
  • Helps in finding distributed file system (HDFS)
  • Open-source platform for configuration of Hadoop setup and environment
Course Content (3 Days)
  • Preface to Hadoop
  • Hadoop Components & Installation
  • Hadoop Cluster Installation with Distributed File System
  • HDFS HA and its Daemons
  • Hadoop Data I/O with clustering features
  • Advanced Map Reduce
  • HDFS Federation
  • Map Reduce Programming
  • Introduction towards Hadoop AWS Cloud pattern
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Hadoop Management
  • Testing & Debugging features
  • Resource Management
  • Ecosystem
  • Hbase & MapReduce
  • Hadoop Security
  • Sqoop, Big Data
  • Hadoop installation with Pig Integration
  • Zoo Keeper
  • Mahout
  • Case Studies
  • Avro
  • Cassandra
  • Hive Integration and Hadoop installation

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