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About The Training

An advanced training designed towards software developers and SOA architects.

What Will It Offer?

  • Develop applications in Mule Studio and integrate multiple applications
  • Building REST and SOAP web services seamlessly
  • Develop integration solutions quickly with transports like HTTP and JDBC
  • Process business logic with custom Java components
  • How to deploy the application with a single server.

Why You Should Enroll?

  • Create workflows in no time
  • Build applications with Mulesoft web services and architecture
  • Configure CXF web services with Mule ESB depending on relevant use case
  • Leveraging graphical environment to quickly build Mule ESB flows
  • Using external web services within Mule Studio
Course Content (2 Days)
  • Connection mechanisms with Database connectivity with Custom web based services for integration
  • Unit testing for a Mule Application
  • Datamapper to map from XLS to a Database
  • ESB Administrative tasks
  • Fail over strategy and clustering
  • SOAP web service & REST web service
  • Routing as per the Message Properties
  • Spring properties to map parameters into the Flow
  • Mule Management to control server with application deployment
  • Not using Tomcat but Using server like web sphere
  • Custom Component & Transformer

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