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Ethereum Solidity Training particularly focuses on Blockchain Application by using Ethereum framework  and its Turing – complete scripting language “Solidity” which recently have become front-runner. Blockchain Application becomes much more secure with combination of Ethereum and Solidity Programming Language.


  • Understanding the use of Ethereum and other Cryptocurrency
  • Understanding the comparison of Distributed Apps to Web Apps
  • Creating Connection of Ethereum Smart Contracts with HTML/CSS/JS Web Application


  • Solidity Programming Language is more secure
  • Deployment of own DApp, Coin and Blockchain
  • Expertises in basic and intermediate smart contracts
Course Content (1 Day)
  1. Basic Overview of Truffle Framework
    • Pros and Cons of Truffle Framework
    • Concept of Installing and Importing Truffle-Contract
    • Basic Environment Setup Concept in Detail
    • Using Contract Abstraction API in Detail
    • Creation of Contract Instances
    • Understanding Contract Instance API
  2. Truffle Installation Concept
    • Initialization of Truffle
    • Contract Compilation Scenario
    • Files Configuration concept in detail
    • Concept of Deploying Contracts
    • Files Migration Concept
    • Dealing with writing migrations
    • Overview of Unit Testing Contracts
  3. Concept of writing Test in Javascripts
  4. Concept of Writing Test in Solidity
  5. Sending Ether to Test Contract
  6. Concept of Running Test
  7. Understanding Package Management
    • Package Management using NPM
    • Package Management using EthPM
  8. Concept of Using Truffle Console
    • Running External Scripts in truffle’s Context
    • Using Truffle’s build pipeline
    • Running an external command
    • Running custom function
  9. Understanding Truffle’s default builder
  10. Concept of Building Clients
  11. Overview of Truffle Server


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