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We have been delivering Open Source solutions since 2000 and what we are seeing in the last few years is wider adoption by large corporate enterprises for reasons beyond cost - quality, security, interoperability, reliability and speed. With client-focused approach CIGNEX has delivered over 500+ Open Source enterprise solutions that help clients address business goals, increase business velocity, lower the cost of doing business, reduce TCO and gain competitive advantage. Our clients include 50 of Fortune 1000 and 100+ companies with over billion dollar in revenues.

The Business Model is changing — Digital Business

Every business is becoming a digital business. The digital revolution is helping companies rethink what’s possible and, in many cases, transform their businesses to better engage and stay connected with customers, empower employees and grow now and in the future. Here are few case studies of how Open Source technology based solutions delivered business advantage to customers worldwide and read more about it in Success Stories

Delivering Innovation Advantage

A division of a fortune 50 banking & financial company instilled a culture of innovation through an idea management portal wherein all ideas went through a life cycle management through a work-flow based centralized review and approval process which resulted into 100% increase in ideas within six months of launch.


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Transforming Customer Experience

A well-known HR Solutions & Insurance Services provider transformed the customer experience when it designed an employee benefits & wellness portal portal enabling a single entry point for users that integrated with existing systems, simplified upgrade process, and provided technology reuse/rationalization.


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Improving Top Line and Bottom Line

A $5B global manufacturer and supplier of premium liquid and powder coatings company standardized their three different order management systems to a single ecommerce platform to deliver consistent engagement, experience, and ease of management thus improving top line and bottom line.


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Increasing Operational Efficiency

Singapore-based financial services company not only improved their operational efficiency by 500% but compliance also, by replacing manual paper-based system with an online contract and procurement management solution to manage 1000+ vendors/suppliers within the integrated tax and legal structures of 6 different countries

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