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29 Oct 2020

In the world of business, being ahead of the competition is a key to success. In today’s time, technology has played the most critical role in increasing customer engagement, streamlining the process, boosting business productivity, and accelerating employee satisfaction.  

Companies that do not stay updated with technology will not survive the competition.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a technological advancement that employs software bots to handle repetitive tasks; typically, those having a set pattern of work. According to recent studies, due to the high practical usability of the process, it is likely to increase by 33.6% by 2027.

How RPA propels the HR function?

HR (Human Resources) is one of the most indispensable sectors of business. Having a sufficient strength of HR personnel is essential for the smooth flow of the firm. Employing the right HR staff members is challenging and expensive.

The HR members spend about 93% of their time on representative tasks; around 65% of processes based on HR rules can be automated. With the automated process, therefore, you can handle the process well and have a better ROI.

Thus, RPA presents a lot of potential to propel HR functions and meet targets efficiently. Here are some of the possibilities by blending RPA with HR.

1- On boarding the Employees

Getting new employees in the firm is very time-consuming; a firm also needs to take many things into account. Hence, the onboarding process is fraught with a lot of hassle. When a firm is hiring in huge numbers, the paperwork and other formalities also need so much time.

The approximate time taken for an HR representative to set up a new employee is about 30 minutes for a Swiss HR service provider. The process needed a lot of reviewing. Also, many forms had errors. The RPA process brought down processing time by 10x and increased accuracy by 100%.

2- Leaves and Week-Offs Automation

For big firms, managing leaves is one of the most daunting processes. The number of employees going on leaves at a time may create a hassle for the HR employees. Managing the approval, disapproval, complementary offs, etc. may not be easy and give rise to discrepancies.

Besides, for firms with each day of the week working, managing the week-offs can be difficult without the aid of RPA. The RPA process is so straightforward that the employees can mark the leaves request on the work portal from the work or personal mobile or computer.
All the HR department has to do is view the leaves and either reject or approve them.

3- HR Virtual Assistant

Employees using virtual assistance can be beneficial for a firm. The process is very streamlined and does not need a lot of active attention from an HR member. The employees have to use the virtual system, which is enabled with ML (Machine Learning), NLP (Natural Language Processing), and intelligent OCR (Optical Character recognition).

With the chatbots, the employees can query their week-offs, shift-timings, and almost everything like with the HR.

4- Employee Joining Document Management Automation

With automation, you can begin the onboarding process electronically before your new employee starts so that on their first day.

Your new hire can spend time on introductions, trainings and other face-to-face activities, not doing paperwork.

5- Employee Transfer Process Automation

Employee transfer can bring versatility to the organization, where RPA can help HR managers automate the process by initiating transfers, accepting & rejecting transfers & then completing transfer process as per the protocol.

6- Employee Exit (Full & Final) Process Automation

Automated workflows can enable organizations to automate the off boarding process with ease and simplicity.

With RPA you can initiate clearance, set up knowledge transfer process, automatically revoke access & trigger exit survey or interview.

Have a look at the HR modules where RPA is changing the people’s department.

Get your own custom RPA solution to power up HR functions

The RPA process aids to fast track HR goals and adds a method to the hectic activities around it. It reduces dependency on big teams to get the work done, and can notch up better efficiency and accuracy than the manual process.

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